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Arizona Goat Yoga Classes!

Arizona Goat Yoga, for only $15!

Perfect for all ages! The yoga can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be… so dont worry if you are a first-time yogi, We GOAT yoga covered!

We have been Serving Phoenix Arizona, and Surrounding areas since 2015! We are only 25 minutes from the Phoenix PHX Sky Harbor Airport and among the Top things to do in Arizona for tourist destinations.

We also have alpacas! They make fun photo booth for AZ Goat Yoga!!

Goat Yoga started here in Arizona! Much like Sammies Ice Cream shop of icecream and cookies, We combine the best of both worlds- yoga and goats! We pioneered it in 2015 and it started growing the following year. We started out joking around. We wanted to make a fun facebook video. April was already working out with her goats for American Ninja Warrior, and Sarah taught different types of yoga, including paddleboard yoga. Incorperating Goats and Yoga really seemed like a no-brainer. So we gathered 8 of our friends to do this Arizona Goat Yoga class with us. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun. We uploaded it to facebook and got a lot of positive feedback… mostly from people laughing about it, but it was supposed to be fun- so we consider that positive. People started to share our video and it started to spread. Our local Arizona News station saw our video and wanted to know when our next goat yoga class in Arizona was. Sarah and I werent really thinking on starting a business, but when the opportunity comes up, you grab it by the (Goat) horns! We told them our next class was Wednesday… we were kinda just flying by the seat of our pants…yoga pants to be exact.

Again, we asked our friends to come back for a class to make it look like it was the real deal. The news LOVED it! once the story went out, it kinda went viral! the next day, another news station called and asked again when our next Arizona Goat Yoga class was… again we picked a random date and again we asked our friends to come. This continues to go on until other people throughout the Phoenix metropolitian area started to ask when our goat yoga classes were. We started making classes, that started out small, but continued to grow. We realized we were actually making people happy, and that made us happy! Many would leave saying that was “the best day of their life!”. We grew out of April Gould’s Arizona Goat Yoga ranch house, and decided to make an actual business. That is when we found our current location at Welcome Home Ranch. That brings us here today. Come take a class and see what all the fun is about!